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A firm that specializes in serving the mobility technology industry

At Kaydan Wealth Management, we believe that everyone deserves a true and tireless advocate on their side. With 40 years of experience and a steadfast fiduciary commitment, we are dedicated to putting your best interests first. Our specialization in providing advice and services to the mobile technology industry sets us apart, but we are more than wealth management advisors. 

Your Financial Allies on the Journey Ahead

We are your trusted confidants, counselors, and unbiased sounding boards. 

Kaydan works hand-in-hand with you to navigate the complexities of your financial journey. We are committed to empowering you with the knowledge and tools you need to make thoughtful investment decisions. Our team of highly educated, licensed, and experienced professionals will guide you through every step of your financial journey, keeping you informed and educated about your options and opportunities.

Guiding Principles

We have your best financial interests at heart.

We always conduct ourselves with integrity, dignity, and honesty. 

We strive to maintain complete objectivity and impartiality in our work and judgment.

We disclose the services we provide and how we are compensated for them. 

We provide you with all that you need to make thoughtful investment decisions. 

We handle all inquiries and requests quickly and we always try to be as accurate as possible. 

We communicate in a clear and open manner.

We keep the confidentiality of all information given to us to the full extent permitted by law.

We perform all services in a fair and reasonable manner and immediately disclose any conflicts of interest.

We maintain and expand our knowledge through continuing education.

Unlock Your Financial Potential

We are committed to guiding you through life’s most critical financial milestones. Our comprehensive wealth management services are designed to cater to individuals and families at every stage of life, providing personalized solutions to address your unique needs and aspirations. From building a solid foundation in your early years to preserving and enhancing your wealth in retirement, we’re here to support you every step of the way. 
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Balancing the responsibilities of Founder and Senior Wealth Advisor puts Jim in a unique position at Kaydan Wealth Management. As the Founder, Jim is responsible for guiding the direction of the firm’s moral compass and ensuring the entire team is advancing its mission statement. As Senior Wealth Advisor, he manages the firm’s largest and most complex client relationships and is also hands-on with the development of comprehensive, process-driven wealth solutions. 

Our Team

Practice Management Assistant

Director of Client Analytics

Receptionist, Client Advocate Assistant

Director of Marketing and Communications

Senior Client Advocate

Founder of Kaydan Wealth Management
Senior Wealth Advisor

Director of Practice Management

Administrative Assistant

Director of Client Experience

Senior Client Advocate

Associate Wealth Advisor

Business Development Associate

Assistant Wealth Planner

Client Advocate

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