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Navigating Life’s Most Important Events

Our comprehensive wealth management relationship matches your unique goals and concerns with our extensive experience and capacities. This allows us to help solve your concerns, protect your wealth, take advantage of your opportunities and advance your plan.

Who we serve

Foundation Builders

Ages 18 - 30

Assets $0 - $100K

You’re just starting out, Congratulations! It’s time to lay down the groundwork. Do you have a plan to pay off student loans? Have you started a systematic savings program? Have you protected your most valuable asset - the ability to earn a living?

Wealth Accumulators

Ages +/- 30 - 40

Assets $100 - $300K

You are starting to accumulate some wealth. Maybe you’ve started your own family? Let’s set the framework for a sound retirement. Let’s create a process to track and increase your retirement savings. Should we discuss college education funding?

Wealth Creators

Ages +/- 40 - 50

Assets $300 - $800K

You are well on your way! Let’s talk about tax efficiency. Do you have a plan to help reduce debt? Are you tracking well for funding both retirement and college education? Should we help simplify the growing complexity of your financial foot print?

Wealth Enhancers

Ages +/- 50 - 60

Assets $800 - $2.5M

You might be an empty-nester. You could be closing in on retirement. Let’s start thinking about converting assets to cash flow generation. Let’s start to discuss your Social Security choices. How do we deal with health care after retirement, after Medicare? Let’s zero in on your unique retirement goals.

Family Stewards

Ages +/- 70 - Plan End

Assets $2.5M+

Congratulations on a life well planned! How will your required minimum distribution affect your tax bracket? Do you want to help fund your grandchildren’s education? Are your assets well positioned and preserved? Would a prolonged illness hurt your wealth? Do you need a plan to help smoothly transfer assets to your heirs?

Services to Address Your Needs

Our services and capacities should be viewed not as one-off events – a menu if you will – but rather individual elements to a holistic, unified wealth plan. Each element, which can stand alone, is much more powerfully presented in a wealth plan created to achieve your goals and desires. At Kaydan Wealth Management, our experience, education and credentials qualify us to provide a comprehensive array of fee-based services.

Financial Planning

What challenges do you face? What decisions need to be made? What weaknesses exist in your plan? We are ready to help, council and assist you on your Journey. Our experience and analytics can help guide you to decisions on college education planning, buy vs. lease, mortgage pay off and many other financial and investment decisions you encounter throughout life.

Retirement Planning

Two-thirds of adults say their biggest fear is running out of money in retirement. How are you tracking? Do you have a clear vision for what retirement will look like? Do you have any idea of what that will cost? How do you convert a life of savings into a cash flow generator? Can you do it efficiently? Are you making the right decision concerning your Social Security benefit? How about your spouses? Our team will help construct the vision, provide a strategy for wealth accumulation and discuss efficient ways to provide retirement cash flow.

Wealth Transfer

Have you considered your legacy? Do you want to leave the world a better place for being in it? Do you have a special charity or cause you are passionate about? Do you want to leave monies directly to your children? What about a special needs child? Will your children need help providing for your grandchildren’s education? Do old marriages and ex-spouses complicate your planning? We can help! Your Kaydan Wealth Management team will work with your other professionals to formalize your wishes and potentially minimize the administration burden and maximize the value distributed to the people and causes you treasure.

Career Transition Services

The Bureau of Labor Statistics once suggested that adults over age 24 are expected to change jobs 3-7 times during their working career. Should you be faced with a job or career change, a number of questions will need to be answered. How does the benefit and compensation structure at the new firm compare to your existing employer? Do you need to replace certain benefits that you enjoy today which won’t directly be available after the transition? Will your retirement and other financial plans be advantaged or disadvantaged by your new position? What tax savings opportunities may be had by considering self-employment versus a direct employment position.

Retirement Check-Up™

Your current employer sponsored plan (i.e. 401(k), 403(b), or 457), like in most households, is one of the largest and most important retirement assets you own. Consistent funding and timely adjustments can make a significant difference in your retirement standard of living. Failure of either becomes a squandered opportunity. Retirement Check-up™ is an unbiased, independent, fee-based asset allocation service designed for your employer sponsored plan and is offered through Kaydan Wealth Management. As a participant of Retirement Check-up™, you will receive active, continuous review and monitoring of your employer sponsored plan. Advice is personal and includes specific recommendations to readjust your portfolio as your personal goals, risk tolerance, or market conditions warrant.
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Investment Planning

How do you structure a portfolio with the appropriate blend of risk, growth, and income generation to help meet your long term objections? Will your investment solutions adjust to changes in your circumstances? Are you taking too much risk, or not enough risk to achieve your goals? Our disciplined, investment strategies can provide you with the proactive services you need to pursue your goals!

Life Style Planning

Growing assets is one thing, preserving and protecting all that is important to you, including your wealth, is another! Do you have adequate liability coverage? What about health care – now? At retirement? After age 65? Have you weighed the pros and cons of long term insurance? Is your home and other residences full insured? What about life insurance after retirement? Do you need it? What can be done with it? At Kaydan Wealth Management, we don’t just plan for what may go right, it’s also important to consider what could go wrong. Protecting a life of work and sacrifice is critical to the success of any plan.

Tax Planning*

It’s not what you make, but what you keep. It’s not what your spend, but what you spend after tax! Have you paid attention to your current asset positioning and their tax effect? Have your optimized your retirement cash flow strategy? Have you considered what required minimum distributions at age 70.5 will do to your marginal tax bracket or adjusted gross income? Our professional team can work directly with your accountant to review your recent tax returns and identify potential savings or restructuring opportunities which may save your money in the future.

*Raymond James does not provide advice on tax or legal matters. Please discuss these matters with the appropriate professional.

Executive Services

You are recognized for your high potential and past accomplishments. With greater responsibilities comes a compensation schedule better reflecting your contributions and the success of the firm as a whole. A deep understanding of the many forms of executive compensation is key for tax efficient wealth creation. A strong execution strategy can help reduce the risk of highly concentrated positions.