April 23, 2024

Celebrating Jim Kruzan’s Recognition on the Forbes 2024 Best-In-State Wealth Advisors List

Jim Kruzan’s Exceptional Achievement

We are thrilled to announce that Jim Kruzan, CFP®, CRPC® has been recognized as one of the top professionals in the Forbes 2024 Best-In-State Wealth Advisors list. This prestigious acknowledgment highlights Jim’s unwavering commitment to his clients and his outstanding expertise in wealth management. Kruzan says, “This is a total team effort!”

Forbes/SHOOK Research: A Rigorous Selection

The Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors ranking, developed by SHOOK Research, is no small feat. This ranking is the result of a meticulous evaluation process involving both quantitative and qualitative assessments. The advisors are rigorously evaluated based on factors such as revenue trends, assets under management, compliance records, and industry experience. Additionally, SHOOK prioritizes face-to-face interviews to personally ensure the quality and impact of advisors on their client’s lives.

The selection process is detailed and focuses heavily on the advisor’s ability to make a meaningful difference in the lives of their clients. It’s about more than numbers; it’s about the advisor’s personal engagement and the overall client experience.

Why This Matters

In a year marked by significant economic challenges and opportunities, from a strong performance of the S&P 500 to uncertainties in market drivers like Apple and Tesla, seasoned advisors like Kruzan have played a crucial role. Advisors ensure that their clients not only navigate these complexities but also thrive, using personalized strategies that resonate with their individual financial goals. Representing Michigan in the Forbes list, Kruzan exemplifies the importance of having a trusted advisor who understands the global economic landscape.

Learn More

For those interested in understanding more about how these advisors are chosen or wish to see the full list, you can read more about the Forbes Best-In-State ranking and methodology at SHOOKresearch.com.

SHOOK Disclosures

SHOOK Research is independent and objective, and does not receive compensation from advisors, firms, or the media for rankings. For detailed insights into their ranking process and to explore the right financial advisor for your needs, visit their website.

Jim Kruzan’s recognition is a testament to his professional integrity and dedication to client success. Congratulations to Jim for setting a sterling example in the wealth management industry!



Kaydan Wealth Management, Inc. does not pay a fee in exchange for this award/rating. Kaydan Wealth Management is not affiliated with Forbes or SHOOK Research, LLC. SHOOK is completely independent and objective and does not receive compensation from the advisors, firms, the media, or any other source in exchange for placement on a ranking. SHOOK is funded through conferences, publications and research partners. Since every investor has unique needs, investors must carefully choose the right advisor for their own situation and perform their own due diligence. Rankings are based on the opinions of SHOOK Research, LLC and not indicative of future performance or representative of any one client’s experience; the firm’s research and rankings provide opinions for how to choose the right financial advisor. Portfolio performance is not a criterion due to varying client objectives and lack of audited data. Remember, past performance is not an indication of future results.

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