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For over four decades, we have proudly served successful professionals and their families within the mobility technology industry. Kaydan understands that nearly all financial concerns revolve around four essential questions: how to grow it, how to preserve it, how to spend it, and how to give it away. These fundamental inquiries form the foundation of our comprehensive approach to wealth management.

To address these concerns, we created the Evolutionary Wealth Process™. This multi-step financial planning program will assist you in simplifying your finances, achieving your most important goals and leading a more fulfilling life.

Evolutionary Wealth Process

Your Journey to Financial Fulfillment

Explore Possibilities

All enduring structures start with a strong foundation. We take that same approach with your finances. During the Explore Possibilities Meeting, you and your advisor will review your financial situation and take inventory of assets, location, and documents. Together we will discuss your values, goals, aspirations, needs, and concerns and come up with the best path for you to take to lead a more fulfilling life. 


In this meeting, you will learn where you are financially in relation to where you’d like to be. Your advisor will give you options to help you achieve your goals. You will also learn more about the resources and value we can offer you. By the time you leave this meeting, you will have a clear understanding of what working with Kaydan will be like.  


This meeting marks the start of our professional relationship. We will review the notes from our prior meetings and answer any questions you may have. Once we finalize the paperwork, you will meet our entire team. Even though you have a personal advisor, you have our entire team working to help you achieve your most important goals. Before you leave, we will also share with you our communication and financial resources at your disposal. 


We will introduce and discuss your Personal Advanced Plan. Your advisor will walk you through our specific recommendations on how you can meet your financial target. Your plan will be organized much like a punch list. Topics will fall under one of six main categories: Financial Planning, Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Lifestyle Protection, Wealth Transfers, and Tax Planning.


In this meeting, we will review your Personal Advanced Plan and prioritize it – identifying the items yielding the greatest impact on your situtation. From there, we will create your own personalized road map to help you get there. This road map will lay out the types of review and planning sessions we will have as well as their frequency. This approach helps ensure that we are on the same page and that nothing falls through the cracks.  

Strategy and Tactics

Life’s goals and best-laid plans change over time. The Strategies and Tactics Meeting represents the regularly scheduled review and planning sessions that come after the Execution Meeting. The purpose of these meetings is to maintain discipline, track your progress, adjust when necessary, and advance your plan.

Unlock Your Financial Potential

We are committed to guiding you through life’s most critical financial milestones. Our comprehensive wealth management services are designed to cater to individuals and families at every stage of life, providing personalized solutions to address your unique needs and aspirations. From building a solid foundation in your early years to preserving and enhancing your wealth in retirement, we’re here to support you every step of the way. 

Who we serve

Navigating Life’s Most Important Events

Foundation Builders

You’re just starting out, congratulations! It’s time to lay down the groundwork. Do you have a plan to pay off student loans? Have you started a systematic savings program? Have you protected your most valuable asset – the ability to earn a living? 

Wealth Accumulators

You are starting to accumulate some wealth. Maybe you’ve started your own family? Let’s set the framework for a sound retirement. Let’s create a process to track and increase your retirement savings. Should we discuss college education funding?

Wealth Creators

You are well on your way! Let’s talk about tax efficiency. Do you have a plan to reduce debt? Are you tracking well for funding both retirement and your children’s college education? We will help simplify the growing complexity of your financial footprint.

Wealth Enhancers

You might be an empty-nester. You could be closing in on retirement. Let’s start thinking about converting assets to cash flow generation. Let’s start to discuss your Social Security choices. How do we deal with health care after retirement, after Medicare? Let’s zero in on your unique retirement goals.

Family Stewards

Congratulations on a life well planned! How will your required minimum distribution affect your tax bracket? Do you want to help fund your grandchildren’s education? Are your assets well positioned and preserved? Would a prolonged illness hurt your wealth? Do you need a plan to help smoothly transfer assets to your heirs? 

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