December 15, 2022

charity: water

A gift to charity: water has been made in your honor.

At Kaydan Wealth Management, we believe in the importance of giving. We believe in making a positive difference in our community and across the globe. Over the last year, many of you have shared how deeply touched you were by our water well and pump donation to Malawi. We’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover that many of you have been donating to charity: water and other similar causes over the years yourselves. It’s heartwarming to learn that our heads and hearts are in the same space. We truly feel like the donation of clean water – as simple as it sounds – is the gift that keeps on giving. It makes an impact far greater than any Christmas card or box of chocolates and that’s why we’re proud to share we have sponsored another water well and pump project in Malawi in honor of Kaydan Wealth Management and its clients again this year.

So why water and what truly happens with the donation? For people in developing countries, clean water can change everything! Watch the videos below to learn more and find a progress update on Kaydan Wealth’s project below.

*NOTE: These videos are for informational purposes only and are not a solicitation for donations. 

Kaydan Wealth Management 2021 Water Well Project Update:

We’re excited to share that the water well and hand pump project we sponsored is well underway and on track to be fully completed end of next summer. Our specific well and pump station is being built in the Dowa District of Malawi, Africa, and is part of a larger effort of 155 water projects in the region. This well and hand pump is estimated to serve approximately 200 people.

Progress to Date:
Much of the work so far has been getting through the phases of preparation and beginning construction. Preparation is crucial to the success and sustainability of the project. The Preparation Phase uses time to carefully assess and select which communities and schools will receive the project based on factors like geography, need, community interest, the risk of overlap with other organizations, and the availability of spare parts for future repairs. Once the location was determined, water management training began and construction accelerated. Community engagement is especially important as it creates a sense of ownership and pride.

What’s Next?
Once construction is complete (we should get word on this in the next couple of months), water quality testing will begin and project management will be handed over to trained community members. Continued training will be coordinated covering topics like sustainability, sanitation, and hygiene. As the project nears completion, we will receive pictures of our specific well and pump and GPS coordinates – we’re so excited to share those with you!

More about Malawi and its need for clean water:
Malawi is one of Africa’s most densely populated and least-developed countries with 70% of the population living below the income poverty line. In rural areas, where most people live, access to clean drinking water sits at just 35%. As a result, many women and children spend hours each day walking to collect dirty water for their families. In the Dowa District (the central region of Malawi where our project is being built), it is estimated that 66% of the population has access to improved water sources but only 18% have access to improved sanitation.  

Why charity: water? Watch this video as former nightclub promoter, Scott Harrison, shares how making the radical decision to reset his life led to solving the world’s water crisis.

The Spring from charity: water on Vimeo.

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Disclosures: Links are being provided for informational purposes only. Kaydan Wealth Management is not affiliated with charity: water.

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