December 27, 2023

Reflecting on a Decade of Warmth

Our community has once again risen to the occasion with our 10th annual One Warm Coat drive. Amidst the cold, our spirits have been uplifted by the warmth of generosity and compassion.

A Milestone in Coat Collection

This year’s drive was a great success, culminating in the donation of 281 coats (plus various hats, gloves, scarves, etc.) to Carriage Town Ministries in Flint, MI. Each coat symbolizes a gesture of warmth and care from our community to those in need. Beyond the tangible warmth of coats, we proudly raised $1,240, directly supporting One Warm Coat’s mission to spread warmth nationwide.

A Decade of Giving

Over the past ten years, our collective endeavor has been monumental. In total, we have donated 1,866 coats and $14,455. Each year, our drive grows stronger, spreading more warmth and making a greater impact.

Insights from the Heart: A Conversation with Beth Amodio

A highlight of this year’s drive was an enriching interview with One Warm Coat’s CEO, Beth Amodio. In a special podcast, Beth and Jim discussed the profound impact of charitable giving. They explored the joy it brings to both givers and receivers, and how One Warm Coat is making a difference nationwide. [Listen to the heartwarming podcast here].

A Special Thanks to Our Youngest Supporters

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the Girl Scout Brownie Troop 77778 for their efforts sorting, bagging, and counting coat donations. They added a personal touch by inserting pocket notes in each coat, ensuring the recipients feel a personal connection and love when they first reach into their new coat pockets.

Moving Forward with Warm Hearts

As we navigate through the winter season, let’s remember the power of community and giving. Every coat, every dollar, and every kind gesture contributes to a world filled with more warmth and kindness. Here’s to continuing this beautiful tradition of sharing warmth, one coat at a time.

Girl Scouts writing pocket notes for coat recipients.

Pocket Note: “Love is sooooo good. Love is the best. Love is great.”




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