October 25, 2019

Stay Ahead of Cybercriminals

As technology continues to change, so do the tactics of cybercriminals. Hackers and scammers are evolving every day to become more convincing and persistent. That’s why it is as important as ever to make it a priority to protect your data and personal information.

Listed below are six tips to help enhance your cybersecurity. 

  • Keep your software up to date: Frequently check for and install updates on your phone, tablets, and computer operating system; even better turn on automatic updates. Companies like Microsoft and Apple provide periodic updates to repair any bugs within the system to help prevent a breach.
  • Use multi-factor authentication: Use a pin to lock your devices and enable MFA wherever possible. Having one additional authentication method such as fingerprint or text message to your phone can greatly reduce the chances of identity theft.
  • Use email with caution: Hackers can hide viruses in attachments or by asking you to click on a link. Be wary of emails asking for personal information, using poor writing or bad grammar, and especially those trying to create a false sense of urgency.
  • Password protection: Create a long password consisting of letters, numbers, and special characters such as “#! @”. A good practice is to change passwords every 90 days.
  • Beware of imposters: Imposters often pretend to be from a trustworthy source, like a family member, a charity, or government official. Do not give out personal information via text, email, or on the phone.
  • Set up parental controls: Besides educating your children on the importance of cybersecurity, set up an additional layer of security by using apps that monitor and filter the content your children utilize on their devices.

Your cybersecurity should be one of your top priorities. Stay ahead of the growing threat by taking time to invest in the things that work: practicing good online habits, keep your devices up-to-date, and continue to educate yourself on cybersecurity.

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