June 20, 2023

Breaking Down the Bigger Bolder Retirement Formula, Part 4: Relationship Management (Ep. 8)

Many people overlook relationship management in retirement planning, but it plays a crucial role in our Bigger Bolder Retirement Formula.

In fact, we see it as the glue that holds the entire retirement planning process together!

As we wrap up our thought-provoking mini-series, Jim Kruzan, CFP®, CRPC®, highlights the profound impact of nurturing meaningful connections and unveils key strategies for leveraging relationships to unlock an extraordinary retirement experience.

Jim discusses:

  • The significance of the “who, what, where, when, why, and how” in client relationship management
  • Why you should work with an advisor who shares your values
  • How we engage outside expertise in financial and retirement planning
  • How relationship management may improve your bottom line (based on research)
  • And more


Connect with Jim Kruzan: 

About Your Host: 

Balancing the responsibilities of Founder and Senior Wealth Advisor puts Jim in a unique position at Kaydan Wealth Management. As the Founder, Jim is responsible for guiding the direction of the firm’s moral compass and ensuring the entire team is advancing its mission statement. As Senior Wealth Advisor, he manages the firm’s largest and most complex client relationships and is also hands-on with the development of comprehensive, process-driven wealth solutions.

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