February 3, 2020

Finding Your Tax Documents

Gathering all of your paperwork to do your taxes can be a daunting task. Did you know the quickest way to get your tax forms from Raymond James is through the Client Access portal? To learn when and where to find your tax forms, watch the one-minute video below. In a few clicks, you’ll have your forms in front of you and be ready to start preparing your annual tax return. You’ll also get the forms in the mail (unless you’ve selected e-Delivery for tax forms), but online access is the fastest way for you to get them.

If you’re trying to schedule an appointment with your CPA, plan carefully and take into consideration the mailing schedule below. Per IRS regulations, all Forms 1099s must be mailed by March 15th regardless of any pending adjustments or income reallocations. Raymond James mails forms in four main groups (see schedule below). Amended mailings will occur as needed.

  • Group 1: Mailed by Jan. 31
    Mailing of year-end retirement tax packets for 1099-R and 5498s if applicable.
  • Group 2: Mailed by Feb. 15
    Forms mailed for accounts with holdings where issuers have finalized income reallocation or accounts holding less-complex securities, such as equities.
  • Group 3: Mailed by Feb. 28
    Forms mailed for accounts with holdings where issuers have finalized income reallocations since Group 1 was mailed (this typically includes Mutual Funds and Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)). Additionally, the first amended composite Form 1099s are mailed.
  • Group 4: Mailed by March 15
    Forms mailed for remaining original 1099s including final real estate mortgage investment conduit (REMICs) that report on Form 1099-OID. Additionally, the second amended forms are mailed as needed.

If you have not received your tax forms by late March, please contact our office. Oh, and don’t forget to use the Kaydan Wealth Management website for quick access to Client Access!

Happy tax prep!

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