Sany Bilani

Trader and Portfolio Analytics Associate

Team member since 2013

Sany Bilani puts his expertise in trading and portfolio reporting to good use by assisting our wealth advisors with meeting preparation and running retirement plans. He also is responsible for rebalancing portfolios and executing trade orders.

“It’s important to not only work hard but work smart to help achieve client goals,” he says. “The world is constantly changing so I’m always ready to adjust on the fly.”


What is your favorite quote?

“Age is a number. Youth is an attitude.”
– Me

Who or what is your inspiration, and why?

My parents. They have overcome a lot of adversity and relocated their whole life and everything they knew for a better life for their kids.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I am a descendant of an ancient Phoenician prince.
I also have striking facial similarities with the rapper 50 Cent.

What’s your favorite trip or adventure that you’ve been on?

South Africa, Eurotrip, and biking through NYC, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.

What are your specific goals for KWM clients?

Help clients achieve all their goals by laying the best possible financial infrastructure to succeed.



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